Promotional Materials

If you would like to tell the world about the children of Akany Avoko, here are some promotional materials to help you. We will try to eventually have all documents in English and French. Also, since the United States seems to have something against A4 paper, all English documents are available in A4 and US Letter.

Download. Print. Spread the word.

[For now, only the underlined documents are available. Sorry. All will be available and more in Feb. 2012.]

2 Page Brochure for Wall or Table (English A4) (English US) (French A4) (Malagasy A4)

Tri-Fold Brochure (English A4) (English US) (French A4)

How to Donate Document (English A4) (English US) (French A4)

Sponsorship Program FAQ (English A4) (English US) (French A4)

A Child's Journey: children, staff and judges explain what life is like before, during and after Akany Avoko  (English A4) (English US) (French A4)

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Miki said...

Glad to see there are still people who say they care about these children's situation and that they really act this way. Thank you all

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