Down with the Old; Up with the New

The "tear down" didn't take long; the "build up" should be  complete by about mid-November.
Oct. 6, 2010 text and photos by Chad Lebo

Does one halfway house plus another halfway house make a whole-way house? Well, in another month or so, we will find out. The old cow house in front of the primary school has come down and rising out of its ashes (actually just bits of brick and dust, but ashes sounds more dramatic) is rising the halfway house part deux.

The new house will be a home and study haven for the academic young women of Akany trying for the Baccalaureate (the required exit exam to move on to university education). There will be room and resources for eight girls to sleep, cook, clean, bath and study. It will be the first step to independent living.

The old cow house was dismantled, not demolished. This means that quality materials from the old structure will be able to be reused in the new structure. 
The finished building will have two stories and include a dormitory, kitchen, common room and washing facilities. Each student will be provided with her own desk and study materials. Thanks to some generous donations, there will even be some laptops available as educational aides.

The lower quality materials will not be tossed into a  dump either. They nail-ridden timbers will be cleaned up and converted to playground equipment, etc. The broken and beaten bricks will turn into retaining walls and steps. One of the old doors has even already been resurrected as a part of the dormitory's new fire escape. 
All of this means the courageous young women will have a clean, quiet and supportive home while they prepare for "le Bac" and head for a life of university, independence and accomplishment.

If you are interested in financially supported the remainder of this important project, contact Akany Avoko at Please include "Halfway House 2" in the subject line.


Simon said...

My Dad, Pete Kirby, will be running a marathon in just a couple of weeks in support of the Halfway Home 2 project. If you'd like to make a donation to support future generations of students at our centre then please go to:


Chad Lebo said...

The next post will feature the marathon. Stay tuned.

Irenée said...

Pete completed the marathon, despite picking up a leg injury en route. I believe he's raised £660 so far and is hoping that a few more donation may still come in!

Well done Pete!

Lancaster Millenium Choir also just raised £120 towards this new half-way home with their new production of 'Frankenstein Sings'. Many thanks to them too!

Irenée x

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