Mahajanga Memories

October 26, 2010 Text and Photos by Cindy

On Monday September 6th, the second group of children was ready to leave for the annual summer holiday in Mahajanga. We left Akany Avoko at night around 7 pm and reached Mahajanga around 7 the next morning. We were all very tired from the journey, so on the first day, we settled down and went for a walk around the city. The weather was great and really sunny!

Every two days, we went to the beach. We were so much looking forward to it. It was amazing! We all went in the sea, swimming and playing with the staff and volunteers. We played ball and racket games on the beach, sunbathed and ate lots of snacks that were sold on the beach: coconuts, watermelons, biscuits...

One day, we went to a lake situated at 30 km away from Mahajanga. We spent all day long there. We had lunch and bathed in the big lake.

One night, we all had to present a show to the others, it could be or a dance or a sketch. We had lots of fun.

During those holidays, we also did various activities we are not used to do such as taking a pousse-pousse to go home, going at night for walks, having ice-creams in the afternoon and eating brochettes on the seashore.

On the 15th september, we left Majunga around 8:30 am to come back to Akany Avoko. On our way, we stopped at the National Park of Ankarafantsika for a couple of hours. We only reached Akany around midnight, because on our way back we came across a truck accident blocking the road. We were all happy to be home but man, it was freezing! Mangatsika be!

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