The Laws of Fund Raising

Gemma and Smo selling Akany's wares and helping Akany's children.
June 10, 2011 Text by Chad Lebo and Photo by Andrew Law

Meet the Laws of Fundraising: Gemma and Andrew Law. This father and daughter duo, along with the the help of Smo, are a hardworking fund raising family. They load up with handmade Malagasy crafts and promotional pamphlets and hit the markets and fairs of London to raise money for the children of Akany Avoko.

To support our children and their hard work, you can head out to the Clapton Festival Saturday June 11th or to the Open the Gate African Market on June 18th.

Both are in the London area, so if you find yourself remotely near, please stop by and help Akany's kids.

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