Above it All

Ready for takeoff.
July 13, 2011 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

There is more than one way to be a top donor at Akany Avoko. Supporter Aina Ras Gilb has piloted a new method; he takes some very luck children flying.

So far, two charmed children have taken a ride high above Akany in the Cessna 150 he pilots. Not only have the children been able to sight-see from 2,000 meters up, they were even able to take the controls for a few minutes and fly the friendly skies themselves.

The photos tell the rest of the story.

As with every post, to see and read more, click below. Also each photo can be enlarged if your click on it.


Aina and one of the lucky co-pilots taking a test flight at the Childcare Center.
Taking off to sore over the hills of Tana.
Always polite to wait your turn, especially when outweighed 1000:1.
Some "retired" planes at I did not point out to the kids before they flew.
When posing for photos, it is always best to use props.
(Sorry, could not resist.)
Malagasy word of the day: Faly. It means "happy".
Headset? Check. Seat belt? Check. Smile? Check.
(Photo courtesy of Juliette Rubenstein.)
What's a co-pilot without his wings?
Always good to first inspect the machine you about to defy gravity with.
No room left for the photographer. Dang!
Just after a masterful landing by Aina in a very strong crosswind. Bravo.
Probably a good idea of what the kids' dreams were like after their wonderful flights.


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