100% Pass Rate for 5th Year in a Row

Four melted cheeses and two happy boys.
Aug. 26, 2011 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

Good eats and for a good reason. For the fifth year in a row, 100% of Akany Avoko's year-five students passed their exams and will be heading off to secondary school. Five years and not a single failure. That is a reason to celebrate.

Despite many of children coming to us with limited education or from classrooms where 60 students is the norm, Akany's team of dedicated teachers are able to fill in the educational gaps and turn out top students. In fact, one of our clever girls was the seventh top student out of the nearly 500 local students who took the exams. Actually, seven of the eight students were in the top 80% of the local students.

Eight smart cookies about to devour eight hot pizzas.
Classrooms with no more than 12 students and a team of four experienced and compassionate primary school teachers are just some of the reasons for the continuing success of Akany's students. Of course, we need to give credit (and pizza) where credit is due and congratulate our hardworking kids themselves. 

Great job, kids. Bon appetite!
This is not New York. No folding. Pizza here is eaten with a fork.
Would you like some pizza with your hot sauce?
Really, what kind of celebration would it be without ice cream?

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