Promotional Materials Update

A smart girl and a colorful school room. This is a popular photo to use in our promotional materials.
 Jan. 18, 2012 Text by Chad Lebo

If you want to spread the word about Akany Avoko, there are some new promotional materials here on the blog to help you. Just go to the Promotional Materials page and you can follow the links to download PDFs of brochures and other information. By the end of February 2012, all of our major documents will be available for download in English and French. This is just a start, but please have a look.

There is a new booklet that uses quotes from children, staff and even judges to tell the story of a child's journey through Akany Avoko. It helps explain what life is like before, during and after Akany. Everything is anonymous and some quotes are combined and corrected, but it does show what life is really like for our children.


Legacy Mission Village said...

Could you send us that booklet in electronic form, Chad, please? Or some stories that we coudl share publicly. Thanks for all your good work.

Legacy Mission Village said...

Chad, I published the comment but you may not know who did. This is Ebralie at the Outreach Foundation. Please reply to

Chad Lebo said...

Dear Legacy Mission Village,
You are welcome and indeed encourage to share any of the information from our blog with the public. If you click on the link in the above post labeled "child's journey", you will taken to page that will allow you to download the document.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your support.

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