George Abbot School Team 1

Sharing some drinks and saying goodbye at the end of a 6-night stay. (CL)
Sep. 17, 2012 text by Chad Lebo, photos by Chad Lebo and Dr. Chris Wiskin

Students helping students. The students of the Outlook Expeditions Team 1 from George Abbot School were able to do just that when they stayed with us for a 7-day service project in July. George Abbot's students were able to help our children by supplying the paint and the work to fix up 2 classrooms at a neighboring school that our secondary students will attend next year. Their hard work will not only benefit our students buy also the students from our village that also attend this school.

The generosity of 17 fine students and teachers did not end with painting. In addition to a large and appreciated donation of funds to support the children and programs of Akany Avoko, the group also brought along a substantial collection of soccer equipment. Some of the equipment was donated directly from the students and some was solicited from Manchester United football club.

In their short week of staying with us, our children bonded with the students from George Abbot. At the party to say thank you and goodbye to these wonderful young men and women, the students made one final donation of a bottle of Coke for each child. It was a special way to end a special week of service and friendship.

The hardworking team and 1 of the finished classrooms. (CW)
Dancing at the goodbye party. (CL)
It doesn't take long to bond. (CL)
Saying goodbye. (CL)
Enjoying the bottles of Coke. What a special treat. (CL) 
Donating love and care at the childcare center. (CW)
Starting work on a classroom. (CW) 
Providing some much needed and deserved love. (CW)

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