Professional Education (CAM) Exhibition

Jan. 4, 2013 text and photos by Chad Lebo

The Professional Education Program (CAM) at Akany Avoko is better than ever. And just before Christmas the dedicated students had a chance to prove it. The students prepared an exhibition to showcase their skills and products. 

The honored guests of staff, teachers and volunteers were treated to amazing food, a fashion show of clothes and hairstyles, a tour of the lush garden and received a 2013 calendar prepared during computer lab lessons. 

All classes are now taught by professional and certified teachers and the curriculum is detailed and comprehensive. Qualified instructors and high expectations are making a real difference. And beginning in 2013, the young women studying in Akany Avoko's Professional Education Program (CAM) will be able to receive government-approved certificates for completed training. This certificates will benefit the young women when seeking jobs and starting their independent lives after Akany Avoko.

Bravo to the students and teachers.