2 New Buildings Inaugurated with EU Grant

Feb. 18, 2013 text and photos by Kate Bialous
Sponsored by
the European Union.

On February 8th, we inaugurated 2 new buildings in the center. They are a part of a bigger European Union Grant supporting Akany Avoko during three years. Project 'Here and There' helps to improve conditions of life for our children. 

The newest facilities include a shower for girls living in a main dormitory and a new multi-purpose building named Bougainvillier, after a popular tree in Madagascar. Bougainvillier consists of 2 food storage rooms and an infirmary. The opening ceremony was launched with V.I.P. guests, such as local authorities and many people professionally involved with Akany Avoko. The audience also included curious kids and their families who came to see how the center is providing better and better living conditions for their children. The storage rooms will provide a proper space to store food and supplies such as those donated by World Food Program.  The infirmary is a clean and private environment for our nurse and doctor to look after any unwell children.
Big umbrellas protecting from a strong sun.
E.U. Grant Coordinator welcomes guests and gives a speech.
Exciting moment! Five hands and 1 pair of scissors.
Nurse and  her first patient.
Food products will fill up shelves.