Tell Me a Story

Esther Randriamamonjy (left) has published over 60 books in her 30 year career in literature and is one of Madagascar's most prolific and accomplished authors. Ravaka (right) has been telling a story for about 30 seconds in the above photo, but she did a fine job nonetheless.
Aug. 29, 2010 text and photos by Chad Lebo

Last Thursday, Akany was lucky enough to play host to one of Madagascar's literati, Esther Randriamamonjy. She is an internationally accomplished author, storyteller and teacher. And a lovely and gracious woman to boot. 

The Akany children were treated to an afternoon of wonderful traditional storytelling by Esther and her daughter, Noreena. The lively and professional presentation was possible thanks to another group of children about 9,000 km north and west of Madagascar. 

Full contact reading. The children had a great time joining in the storytelling even if they occasionally ended up in a big pile on the floor.
The 4th and 5th graders of Littlebrook Elementary school in Princeton, NJ raised money with reading and writing projects of their own and kindly made a donation to the Akany Avoko Education Fund which provided the funds for the assembly. Their money was also able to purchase over a dozen of the author's books.

And there was even enough money left over to do the whole thing again in November. Something all the children were very excited to hear.


Irenee said...

Looks great! What are the pictures on the walls? Were they brought in by Esther or are they a new addition to the Akany decor?

Miss you all, Irenée x

Mr. Lebo said...

They were beautiful, but alas fleeting. Esther and her daughter used them as props for all the traditional tales, so they had to be rolled up and shipped off with the storytellers.

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