The Beach Bums are Back

One umbrellaed mock cocktail away from perfection.
Sep. 9, 2010 text by Chad Lebo, photos by Simon Kirby

Sand, sun and a 700 year old baobab bigger around than a blue whale; that's Mahajanga. And thanks to some gracious donors over 60 of the kids were treated to a wonderful vacation on its beaches last week. Fear not. The rest of the kids were not left behind at the home to cry themselves to sleep. Well, they were left behind, but only for bit. They are currently spending their own week basking in the tropical rays. 

The vacation was more than just sand and swimming. The kids also enjoyed ice cream, dancing, coconuts, ferris wheels, a bit of shopping and, for goodness sakes, even pony rides. All in all, it was a warm and wonderful break from the cool central highlands around Tana.  

There will be more photos to come when the second group returns, but for now please enjoy these.

After a hot day on the beach, nothing beats a cool drink the size of your own head.

The boy has moves. The week at the beach was wrapped up with a dance party.

A pousse-pousse pull off with the kids in tow.


Simon said...

I should add that huge thanks go out to "Enfants de l'Ile Rouge" and the friends and family of Leonieke Karlas for making this year's holidays possible.

Unknown said...

Well done again guys...and for the blog/web page. You move from strength to strength. ...

Best Wishes

Gordon and all at Aziana....

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