Annual Akany Avoko Christmas Show

Dec. 29, 2010 Text, Photos and Video by Chad Lebo

After weeks and weeks of practices and rehearsals, the children put on their best clothes and put their best feet forward for the annual Akany Avoko Christmas Show. The guests, staff and the children themselves were treated to dancing, singing and even a morality play with a quite convincing devil that only managed to scare a few children (and possibly this reporter).

The show began with a Christmas prayer service of hymn singing, praying and preaching. The craft and cooking skills of the older girls were also featured at the show. There was a fine display of gifts and food for sale by the Halfway House and C.A.M. programs with t-shirts, jams, dried fruit, recycled paper products, purses and even homemade chips (crisps for the Brits).

The morning show ended with one and all receiving a traditional Chocolate log with fish inside. I do not know the whole story about that one yet, but it was a sweet way to end a sweet show.

The show featured traditional as well as contemporary dance.
The choir in mid song.
We were blessed to share the celebration with girls from the Akany Avoko Faravohitra home in Tana who performed several wonderful dances for the audience.
She may have always gone left when everyone else went right, but at least she did it with style.
Chocolate makes kids happy; it is universal.