Christmas Party Part 2: Gifts

Dec. 20, 2010 Text, Photos and Video by Chad Lebo

There is very little to be said about the Christmas gift giving at Akany this year. There is much to see and hear however, so I will let the video and the pictures do most of the talking.

One thing should be mentioned though. All of the screaming in the above video is due to the biggest hit of the Christmas gift giving Yes, shoes. You may consider someone a heel if she gives you socks or shoes for Christmas (pun sadly intended), but here a nice pair of shoes is all it takes to set off screams of delight.

And all the shoes, and many others over this year in fact, are all thanks to a wonderful Norwegian donor who provided all the funds.

From the bottom of our soles, we thank you (sorry, couldn't help it).

Photo Notes: As always, to view a full size and quality version of a photograph, simply click on it.

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    A dog and a ball. Do you really need anything else?
    A big smile and he didn't even open it yet.
    There are a thousand thank you's in a smile like that.
    A girl and her monkey.
    That's just cute.
    Shoes. Not an X-Box 360. Not a flat screen TV. Not a new car. Shoes. 
    Note the hand on the back of her head. It is there for her protection. In her shoe excitement, she had already banged her head off the wall several times.
    The pretty paper and shaking were so much fun, some of the littlest kids didn't care about the opening.
    Christmas or wedding?

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    R said...

    Great video and excellent photos. Nice to see all the kids enjoying the holiday. Tell Soraya I loved the Christmas photo she sent. And a Merry Christmas to you, Mr. Lebo (and to Cindy too).


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