A Farewell and a Beginning

Dec. 3, 2010 Text and Photo by Simon Kirby

In December, after almost five years of living and working with the children of Akany Avoko, I will be handing over the role of Project Development Manager to Mr Chad Lebo and returning with my wife and daughter to live in the UK.

Chad is a gifted educator and communicator who, before relocating with his wife Cindy to Madagascar, previously lived and worked in Princeton, USA. In addition to ensuring that our kids continue to enjoy the quality of care that they deserve he will also oversee many important initiatives to enhance the standard of education and employment prospects that our centre offers. Chad, who will be familiar to many of you as the author of our new blog (www.akany-avoko.blogspot.com), has already been working here full-time for two years and is a firm favourite amongst the kids. It is clear to anyone that knows him that he will do an amazing job for Akany Avoko, I’m sure you will all join me in welcoming him to the role.

On a personal note, the years that my wife Ando and I have spent working together at Akany Avoko have been easily the happiest of our lives. To share every day with these open, loving and inspirational children has been the most amazing gift. You, the friends of Akany Avoko, have also helped to make it a magical experience. Thanks so much for your kindness and encouragement over the years. Chad couldn’t wish to inherit a more enthusiastic, generous and loyal group of supporters.

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