New Year...New Teeth

The smiles say it all.
Jan. 21, 2011 Text and Photo by Chad Lebo

Healthcare is an important aspect of Akany Avoko's mission. This includes providing clean water, healthy food, vaccines and medicine. But healthcare also includes dental health.

While at Akany, the children are able to maintain healthy teeth and gums. They brush regularly and receive an annual cleaning and checkup. But some children do have dental difficulties from their previous lives that do need attention. The two girls above were both in need of some false teeth. One needed four new top front teeth.

Just last week, Akany was able to send them to a good local dentist for treatment. Good treatment. Look at the photo of the two happy and confident girls and try and tell which has four new front teeth. Not easy is it?

This is just a small but important example of what your donations can help make possible at Akany. Thank you for your support.

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