Christmas Day 2010

That is one nice and big Christmas lunch.
Jan. 19, 2011 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

Being away from home on Christmas can be hard. Many of the children at Akany on have not seen their home or family in months or even years for some. But on Christmas day, they were still surrounded by  friends and what could be a sad day was a wonderful day of love and celebration.

The began in their finest clothes and walk through town for a church service. Then thanks to some very kind donors and some hard working staff and girls the children were treated to a marvelous meal of fruit, vegetables, meat, pasta and even ice cream. 

It was a lovely and special day that all the children cherished. An enormous thank you goes out to all the donors who helped make the day possible.

With food this fine, who need's a fork?
Some may need a little help though.
A full house of happy children...and staff.
To borrow from Timex, thi kid takes a chicken and keeps on licking.
"Please excuse me a minute while I stare at my plate in wonder."
The party was a 2 or 1 deal, because there was a very special birthday to celebrate as well.

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