Who Does Your Hair?

Seeing their creations and future employment in the salon mirror.
Feb. 1, 2011 text by Lorna Gillespie, photos and captions by Chad Lebo

Everyone wants to be a hairdresser, and the whole of Akany Avoko wants to be princess for a day. C.A.M.'s, the Centre d`Apprentissage de Metier (vocational training for most of us), provides older girls with disrupted education an opportunity to get into princess mode or at least create a few dreams in their hair salon. Local haidressers offer on site training and those girls who show a genuine aptitude receive accredited training. It may not be a diploma, but it is a certificate in the land where a framed certificate means everything.

There are even great role models such as a former C.A.M.`s member who now has her own Tana-based salon. What could be more fun than to join her for a weekend of blow drying and gossip with our best take on the big time and hit the highlights of Tana? Yes it may look like bouffant '60`s, but this is "must have" wedding style and taken very seriously. Another opportunity for dreams to turn into reality.

When is your appointment?

A proud stylist and her work.
Ready for a wedding.
Big lovely hair and a big lovely smile.
Learning to be professional means dressing the part.