Saying Veloma (Goodbye) to Volunteers

Enjoying a drink and the view at a recent Veloma, or Goodbye, party for a volunteer.
March 8, 2011 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

Volunteers are a major part of the Akany Avoko family. They provide love, support and education for Akany's children. Many live and work at Akany for 6 months or even a year. In that time, they become quite close with the children and the staff.

Since many of the children have had more than their fair share of sadness in their lives, we try to make saying goodbye to the volunteers a happy occasion. That means music, dancing, food. A party in other words.

These Veloma Parties (veloma is Malagasy for goodbye) do involve some tears, but all in all they are a wonderful time for the children and the volunteers to have some closure. All the hugs and smiles more than make up for the tears.

Parting volunteers all get a few gifts from Akany. T-shirts are usually among them. We do print them after all.
A tiny choir with big heart singing the Veloma song.
"You will drop the will drop the will drop the moofball..."
All the photos are from a recent Veloma Party for a wonderful German volunteer, Helvi.

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