Big Campfire but Sadly No Marshmallows

The orange glow of the fire, storytelling, dancing, singing, skits and snacks. The campfire had it all.
 Sept. 7, 2011 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

Chilly nights and some old wood torn out from a current refurbishment of the Halfway House seemed like two good excuses for a big campfire. The children took turns singing, dancing and even performing skits and riddles. Guitars were strum and Malagasy folktales told before the fire burned down and eyes were too weary to stay open.

It was a wonderful treat. One we are sure to do again soon.

Everyone cuddled up and listening to a Malagasy folktale about the sun and moon and stars.
More dancing.
Yet more dancing. Malagasy really love to dance.
Well, if you're going to have a campfire. Have a big campfire.

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