Holidays at the Beach

See the slideshow below to enjoy all the pics from this wonderful beach holiday.
Sep. 2, 2011 Text and Photos by Ony Rakotoarivelo, Captions by Chad Lebo

After a tough week of preparing for the children's holiday and 12 steamy hours on buses, the staff and children happily arrived on the western coast of Madagascar.

As my first trip to the beach with the children, I wasn't sure what to expect. Needless to say it was wonderful to the see how much the children enjoyed their time at the ocean. I was amazed to see what an incredible impact 10 days made on the children--bringing a smile to each and every one of their faces.

After a hard year of school, all of the children at Akany are in need of the a beach holiday. Some of the children here have never before been to the ocean and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of putting their hands and feet in the water.

Dining, resting, swimming, playing, laughing, riding horses and Ferris wheels, walking the promenade, eating ice cream, riding rickshaws... these are among the numerous activities we enjoyed with the children on their beach holiday!

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Great pictures and captions. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun.

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