Christmas Extravaganza

Any celebration that involves homemade paper hats is bound to be fun.
Dec. 27, 2011 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

What would Christmas be at a children's home without a Christmas show? And not just a show. It was an extravaganza of singing, dancing and acting. This fantastic day took a tremendous amount of work that all in attendance were greatly appreciative of.

But talking about singing and dancing is not terribly effective, so please click below and let the rest of the photos tell the story. And stay tuned for a video compilation of the show later in the week.

Merry Christmas.

Now that's just joyful.
A wonderful and supportive crowd of parents, friends, donors, sponsors, government and church officials and even a Swiss Ambassador for good measure.
Just one of many dance moves from the day.
Coordination is key...pompoms don't hurt either.
Mary and Joseph receiving their gifts from the 3 kings.
Pompoms do seem to make things more fun.
Frilly dresses, hats, dancing. Who doesn't like a children's Christmas show.
Lined up for the big opening song.
Some offstage hijinks.
King Herod commanding the kings to travel to Bethlehem.
King Herod, the Queen and their loyal soldiers. King Herod was very convincing as an angry dictator.
Some shepherds and their sheep...and their airplane in the background (we may have to hire a continuity supervisor for next year's production).
Our wonderful volunteers made sure the babies each got some time to enjoy the show too.
Being grateful, we made sure to thank all the wonderful supporters and most especially the kids for such a great day. But being Madagascar that means saying thanks in 3 languages, Malagasy, French and English. The Development Manager is making sure no one sneaked in any jokes to his translation.
[Photo Credit: Ony Rakotoarivelo]

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