Annual Church Christmas Show 2011

Herod's military receiving orders from the King.
Dec. 31, 2011 Text and Photos by Anjara RAJAONARIVELO 
Edited by Chad Lebo

Every year Akany Avoko performs a Christmas show and each year it is better than the last.

On the night of the 19th of December, Akany Avoko had their Christmas show at the FJKM church in Ambohidratrimo where the children regularly attend. Usually Akany Avoko shares the church Christmas show with another group like a scout troop or sunday school organization, but this year only Akany Avoko was engaged for the opening night that began a week of Christmas shows at the church.

The Akany Avoko kids prepared quite hard for their two hour Christmas show that included: singing, storytelling, choreographed dancing and poems about Christmas. The show went very well and the public clapped for the kids especially for the youngest children when they recited their little poem. The best part of the show was the Nativity play, the story about Jesus' birth.  The Akany Avoko teenagers acted well and wore the fashions of the time of Herod, the king when Jesus was born.

All the children performed beautifully in the show thanks to their practice lead by the staff of Akany Avoko and the choir from the Lutheran church in Ambatovinaky.

Joseph and Mary after meeting the angels.
The children from Childcare singing a song about Santa.
Childcare kids during a formal dance.
Angels announcing the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.
All of the children singing the opening song.
And later, all of the children singing the closing song.
Reciting a Christmas poem.
Herod's soldiers doing some not very nice things to the babies.
King Herod enraged at the news of Jesus' birth.

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