First Games of the Year

Maybe not technically a game, but certainly a favorite activity nonetheless, looking in rear view mirrors. This also why I have to adjust my mirrors each and every trip.
Jan. 3, 2012 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

Christmas may have reindeer games, but New Year's day has its games too. At least it does at Akany Avoko. After a special "European style" breakfast prepared by the volunteers and a nice lunch prepared by the children and the staff, the kids had a lovely afternoon to relax and play games.

Check out some of their choices for the first games of the year.

Tree climbing.
Using New Year's candy to play fanorona, a kind of African-born chess.
Kisatady is always a favorite. It is the Malagasy version of jump rope. The rope stands still and the person jumps over it.
More kisatady.
Still more kisatady. Sorry, it is picturesque.
Put two nails in the ground and instant marble game or kanety.
A crucial shot in a game of kanety.
Having a lovely meal while playing house.
Who needs Lego blocks when you have bricks?
Starting a game of kanety.
Storytelling, puppetry and geology all in one great game. Tantara uses stones as family members that act out everything from eating to arguing.
Who can swing the highest? Always fun.

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