Mardi Gras or Jeudi Gras?

Paper plates in crafty hands can become anything.
March 20, 2012 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

If you have a Mardi Gras party on Thursday is it Jeudi Gras? Regardless, the wonderful volunteers at Akany Avoko put on a wonderful Carnaval (yes, let's just call it Carnival) party for the children. Not that you need more of a reason to have a party besides Carnaval, but the dancing, singing and donut-eating were also celebrating the work of two fantastic volunteers who were returning home.

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Mme. Caroline, and some festive kids.
What would Carnaval be without a little color?
One of the crafty party planners and hardworking volunteer, Hollie Evans.
Another crafty and dedicated volunteer, Audrey Jacobsen.
Saying goodbye with a donut and sprinkles to a great French volunteer, Lucille Baron, after she completed an internship  in the Childcare Center. Visit her blog.
It's only a matter of time at a party before line dancing breaks out.
Mardi Gras is supposed to be the last chance to have fat before Lent.  The volunteers decorated Malagasy donuts, mofo menakely, with the kids to ensure the proper fat intake.
The children were having a great time too I assure you.
Drumming along.
A party without balloons? I don't think so.
Smiles and dancing were a fitting way to say goodbye to another sensational volunteer, Melina Mallát, the first Hungarian-Swiss volunteer as far as we can figure.

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Unknown said...

In Europe 'Jeudi-gras' ist the Thursday before Carneval Sunday and
'Mardi-gras' is on the following Tuesday after Carneval Sunday.
Therefore this are different days.
In 2013 'Jeudi-gras' is on 7 FEB, Carneval Sunday on 10 FEB
and 'Mardi-gras' on 12 FEB. The day after on 'Ash Wednesday'
the carneval period is over. Remember the oldie: "And the carneval
is over..."

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