Special Guests and Special Gifts

(From left to right) Mme. Lalasoa, Director of Akany Avoko; M. Eric Mayoraz, Swiss Ambassador; Mme. Mercedes Ansensi Segura, volunteer and supporter; M. Naly, Head of Akany Avoko Childcare; M. Carlos Decarvalho, Akany Avoko volunteer and consultant to the Swiss Embassy.
March 26, 2012 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

Akany Avoko is blessed to have supporters of all kinds from all parts of the world. Though our activities are generally supported by kind gifts from individual generous donors, we are also grateful for the support we receive from organizations. Recently, the Swiss Embassy in Madagascar graciously donated funds to refurbish the dining room and kitchen of the Childcare Center.

To celebrate the donation and herald the opening of the newly-refurbished dining room and kitchen, Akany Avoko held an grand re-opening celebration. The celebration featured dancing, singing, some short speeches, a tour of the improvements and a lovely reception. We were blessed to have many friends, supporters and local dignitaries join us: the regional head of the Ministry of the Population, the Director of the St. Joseph School, the Director of the Regency School, head of our local village, and the Mayor of the Ambohidritrimo Commune. 

And we were all most appreciative for the Swiss Ambassador, M. Eric Mayoraz, who joined us for the celebration. The Swiss government generously supports many projects in Madagascar and we are grateful to be among them.

The refurbishment project was developed by one of our most beloved and passionate supporters, Mme. Mercedes Ansensi Segura. She has organized and found funding for many projects at the Childcare Center over the past years. At the close of the celebration, Mme. Mercedes received a special plaque in honor of her long and dedicated service. 

[Stay tuned. The next blog post will show the new kitchen and dining room.]

Ambassador Mayoraz and the Mayor of Ambohidratrimo cut the ribbon to open the kitchen and dining room.
Some traditional dancing added to the celebration.
Singing is always a nice way to celebrate.
The Childcare children being led in singing by their pre-school teacher
Ambassador Mayoraz enjoying the entertainment.
Some contemporary dancing thrown in too.
Traditional dancing and the Swiss Ambassador looking on.
One of Akany Avoko's most beloved supporters receiving a much-deserved gift, Mme. Mercedes Ansensi Segura.
For lending us a helping hand, the Ambassador received a gift of three hands from Akany Avoko.
A nice move during the contemporary dance.

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