New Cooking Teacher

A proud chef and her delicious fried treats, mofo bols. 
July 20, 2012 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

There are some wonderful aromas coming from the training kitchen lately. The girls in our C.A.M. program (vocational training) have been working hard with their new cooking teacher, M. Mimy. He has great rapport with the students and the skills and recipes they are learning will provide an excellent background to continue on with advanced or specialized cooking training. A fine start when they leave Akany to start their own independent lives.

Garden salad with ham and egg.
Can never have enough mofo bols.
Salad prepared with lettuce from our gardens.
Traditional Malagasy cuisine: romazava (savory stewed greens) with chicken.
Sautéed bananas with caramel and chocolate. 
Steak hâchée with green beans, potatoes and carrots.
Our new cooking teacher, M. Mimy, our cafe supervisor, Mme. Vony, and 4 wonderful students.