World Challenge: Independent Team

Working on the 1st of 6 rooms they finished painting.
July 16, 2012 Text and Photos by Chad Lebo

We are lucky to host 7 student volunteer groups this year. Most of the groups are students from one school. Our most recent group came to us from World Challenge and the 10 great students came instead from different schools around the UK.

In no time at all they were 1 hardworking team though. Quite impressively, the group painted 6 rooms in only 4 days of working. Our primary students will be treated to some bright and welcoming classrooms when they return to studying in a few months. And all the paints and materials were paid for by a generous donation from World Challenge.

Smiles abounded during the games.
The World Challenge students bonded wonderfully with our children. Much of their free time was spent playing with the children. One memorable night turned into a group game fest that ran right through sunset and into the night.

I think our kids and the World Challenge kids would agree that their 6 day visit passed too quickly. We thanked the group with a well-deserved party and there certainly were tears shed that night and the next morning when the group loaded into their van and continued on their Madagascar adventure.
Enjoying games on into the night.
Huddling up to play some games and to fend off the dry-season cold.
Finishing touches on the guest bathroom.
The group laughed their way through much of their work. 
More game playing. 
We didn't organize a "Pink Day" but it seemed to work out that way.

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