A Day of Camaraderie Compliments of the EU

Feb. 21, 2013 text and photos by Kate Bialous

Sponsored by
the European Union.
Twice a year we organize a staff leisure day sponsored by the E.U. Grant "Ici et Ailleurs". It gives a chance for our employees to get to know each other outside of work. And as before, the staff from 3 sister centers joined together to play and socialize.

Employees of each center prepared activities for their colleagues. There were fun indoor games and outdoor activities such as football (soccer), basketball and a dodgeball game. For those not interested in sport, there was an opportunity to sing in a karaoke, one of the most popular Malagasy social activities.

Work colleagues who on a daily basis look after children in their centers like Akany Avoko had a chance to have good fun and play as if they were children themselves. As dancing is probably the favorite amusement in Madagascar, we did not forget traditional dances to the tropical rhythms.
The day was full of positive energy and a good spirit in the air.

Different games showed how strong our staff can be when working together as teams. One for all, all for one!

A tired team ready to head home.
Social workers showing their game to the others.
Everyone joining a group dance.
It's all about who's faster.
Let's see what the next game is about...
Bingo is a sport too, isn't it?
Warm up before a real match.
You don't need a proper shoes or shorts to be a good player!


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