E.U. Grant

The project “ICI ET AILLEURS” (HERE AND THERE), financed by the European Union for 3 years (January 2011 – December 2013), aims to provide disadvantaged children an autonomous and successful future in the Malagasy society. Through this project, we are going to improve education, housing and health, while promoting social reintegration at Akany Avoko and in our sister centres through the exchange of experiences, the building of capacities and the application of the fundamentals rights of the children.
Initiated by Akany Avoko, the project will benefit not only its residents (142 children), but also the residents (169 children) of 3 other centres. All are part of the Association for The Safeguard and Protection of the Children (ASPE). We wish for our 3 sister centres to benefit from our experience and good practices. 

The families of children will also benefit as they can attend parenting classes and we’ll be hosting young in good mental and physical health with a promising future.The communities in which those young people will go back at their reinsertion time will benefit from their knowledge and initiatives.

By our actions, the Ministry of Justice will also be certain of successful reinsertions of the children into society. Thus the entire Malagasy society will be more balanced. From an international point of view, the European Union and the other organizations supporting the project will raise their visibility and therefore other projects of this type will take place.

To reach our objectives, 4 principal activities are being implemented:
  1. A program of cultural and educational activities promoting children rights
  2. A program of counseling and support for the sister centres by the placement in each of them of a Development Manager
  3. The improvement of the living conditions, health and hygiene in the centres
  4. The enlargement of the educational and reinsertion program
Expected Results
We are expecting and monitoring 7 different results:
  1. The residents and staff are confident and healthy
  2. All centres are financially stable
  3. An exchange network organized by Akany’s “Model Centre” to build the capacities of the 3 sister centres
  4. Proper accommodation for all residents of Akany Avoko
  5. Proper hygiene and health for the residents of Akany Avoko
  6. Improved education of the residents (scholar or professional) at Akany Avoko
  7. Improved social reinsertion for the children leaving Akany Avoko
Due to the direct funding from the grant, the results expected for Akany Avoko will be seen in short period of time. Similar results are expected from the sister centres too. However, their funding will not come directly from the grant, but rather from an increase in fund raising from the placement and work of their Development Manager, their results will occur over a longer period of time.