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If you cannot find the answer to your donation question below, please email the Development Manager who will be happy to assist you.

How is the Money Used?
Feeding, caring for and educating more than 120 children is rewarding and wonderful work, but it is also expensive. Our major expenses come from providing more than 400 meals a day and the salaries of more than 40 dedicated staff that care for the children. We also have over 25 buildings to maintain, school fees, electricity and cooking fuel, and many other regular and necessary expenses.

If you choose to have your money fund a specific project or need, we will do our best to work with you by helping with a project we have a definite need for. However, since our major costs are things like food, salaries, gasoline, maintenance and repairs, please consider allowing us to spend your generous gift on our general expenses.

How Much Money do you Need?
Considering the number of children, meals, staff, schools, buildings and programs that we support, our monthly operating costs are only about 8,000 GBP. That is a vast sum of money in Madagascar though and we are only able to continue to care for the children thanks to our generous family of international supports.

How Can I Support Akany Avoko besides Donating Money?
Donations can be made in many ways. Small personal donations of money are what keeps us running, but you can also sponsor a child or even do a fund raiser of your own in support of our children.

You may also choose to donate goods instead of money. If you are interested in this, please email the Development Manager prior to sending any donations in the mail. We have specific needs and mailing items is very expensive and not always reliable, so we want to make sure it is worth it for you and for us.

Many of our supporters choose to assist Akany Avoko by sponsoring and individual child. Visit the the Sponsor a Child page to learn more (Sorry, this page is under construction right now. Please check back later).

Or you may want to pack a bag and come help us in person. Visit the Volunteer page to learn how this program works.

Who else Supports Akany Avoko?
The majority of our funding comes from individual donors making private donations or supporting children as part of our sponsorship program. We receive no financial support from the Malagasy government or other domestic institutions. We do receive some of our funding from the European Union and a few generous foreign trusts.

Who Do I Make the Donation to?
Because of the potential for political and economic instability in Madagascar, we prefer to keep most of our funds outside the country. This means that a donation to Akany Avoko is actually held by Money for Madagascar (UK Registered Charity No. 1001420), a wonderful organization with whom we have worked with for over 20 years. The money is simply held securely with them in the UK until needed by Akany Avoko in Madagascar.

Using the Google Checkout button at the top of the page automatically sends your donation to Money for Madagascar, but it is specially earmarked and will only be used for Akany Avoko. (You may want to consider making a donation just for Money for Madagascar as well to assist them in supporting nearly a dozen other worthy projects across Madagascar.)

To donate to Akany Avoko with a bank transfer, please email the Development Officer of Money for Madagascar to arrange details. If you prefer to make your donation by a check in pounds sterling (UK only, sorry), please make it payable to "Money for Madagascar AAA" and send to:

14 Robinson Road
United Kingdom