This musical adventure began in Oct. 2011 as part of a collaboration with a great partner, Paint-a-Future. With their financial support, our children have enjoyed instrumental and vocal music lessons for 1 year so far.

And those lessons have been taught by international Malalgasy music group, Tarika Sammy. The group is led by Sammy Andriamalalaharijaona and features traditional instruments with a touch of modern styling. The CD features 10 orginal songs composed by Sammy. Our children may only be doing vocals on the CD, but they have also been learning 2 traditional Malagasy instruments throughout the year as well: the valiha (zither) and the kabosy (small guitar).

We hope you enjoy music. With a kind donation for this music, our children can continue to learn and love traditional Malagasy music, dance and arts.

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